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World’s champion despite of terrifying conditions

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Isn’t possible to watch the fire fighters in a prime time on a television. Sometimes media shoot a report from fire fighter’s championship, nevertheless nothing else. Even though in Czech Republic is fire sport between a sort of people well known. About passion to fire sport might tell a story Lukas Kroupa, who spent his previous life connected with these special sport, which initiated him to dream about future fireman’s career.


Fire sport do mainly voluntary fireman’s, which have their local teams composed in various age groups. However also professional fireman’s attend races, but combine work and interest might be in Czech too time-consuming. At the begging of tend to fire sport are obviously village children’s clubs. In Luka’s case, it starts similar. His father was a trainer in one of children’s club in Bílý Újezd, small village in eastern Bohemia, certainly was predictable that the son will be probably one of members, sooner or later. “My father tried me to integrate into his team, but I resisted because of my hockey interest, I played hockey since I was five, I liked it, fire sport was more tempting finally,” remembers Lukas.

On the one hand, it is not famous sport and a lot of people have a vague idea of it. On the other hand, fire sport has own Czech Championship, World Championship and the Olympics surprisingly. “In Czech Republic aren’t ideal conditions for doing only fire sport, when professional fireman’s there in country want to participate on fire sport races, then it is more difficult in comparison to Russia,” describes Lukas. Russia is for imagination a prominent land in these sport, people there may have be only voluntary runners with a salary, there is it much more finance than in Czech Republic.

“When I was fifth teen years old my desire to be successful in fire sport grew stronger. As similar as other sports I have examples to follow, for instant Jakub Paulíček, who have won a lot of races and shared tutorials, how to reach improvement in main discipline, the one hundred meters with obstacles,” describes Lukas with smiling.  The betterment is a challenging work and in fire sport it seems to be double true. Lukas started spending hours on workout ground, he was running, working out and trying to overcome hurdles (barrier and beam) round and round. “Otherwise the major obstacle was surface on the running track in Kvasiny, village where I live, there is an ordinary truck with stones and potholes. In comparison to ideal tracks, which have mainly tartan surface, simply dreadful conditions,“says Lukas. Nonetheless he didn’t give up and continued with preparation. His dream was membership in Czech representation.

It took him three years to reach a shape, which was comparable to other runners in his age. “I remember that after every single race I watched a video from the competition and judged mistakes on it. This activity helped me to become aware of faults and to improvement,adds Lukas. In Czech are for approval to fire sport representation needful outstanding results from races or presence in recruitment, where runners show their abilities. Lukas took a part in one of them, but the decision was clear. “You are good, however try harder,” said him representation trainers finally.

On the one hand, it was for him disappointment, on the other hand also motivation. He was still working hard and finally got approval to representation. Also, a possibility to participate in World Championship in Belarus 2015. Despite of broken wrist he won a World Championship and reached unbelievable goal in his sport career. “I defeated a Russian racer in a world’s finale, something unexpected, amazing feelings” remembers Lukas. When he came back in his village, he was well known, otherwise fire sport exactly isn’t so famous, thus it wasn’t like welcome our hockey team, but certainly the success. Lukas reached this aim due to his will, motivation, despite of difficult conditions for training and with a strong passion.

Fire sport begins to be more famous in Czech Republic, but still it is a “sport on the second track”, more people for sure didn’t know that we also have a representation team and achievements. “For me is important goal to enforce a better surface on track in Kvasiny nowadays, village officers are promising the tartan track, but that are only promises, because of these conditions I must properly train forty kilometres from my home,” comments Lukas. Isn’t easy to build a tartan track, it is for small village difficult gain a grant to construction these track. It is amount around million and half. However, the Luka’s success on the world level might be a perfect opportunity to push through an improvement of track conditions. 

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