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Volunteers at the event Let's Clean the Skuteč find dead dog in a sack or syringe

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Volunteers from Skuteč get together and clean up the countryside around their hometown. This event is part of the nationwide Let’s Clean Czech republic initiative.

Volunteers collected about 14 cubic meters of waste. author: Rudolf Požár

Skuteč – At least thirty people took part in the clean-up of nature around Skuteč at Saturday morning on April 7th. About 14 cubic meters of waste from flooded quarries and forests around Skuteč were collected. The volunteers from the project Let's Clean Czech Republic, local parish and scouts got together. The transport of the rubbish was secured by the town hall of Skuteč.

Old illegal dump sites and new waste are cleansed. Dangerous waste was also found. "Typically we find syringes, diaper, sheepskins or dead dogs in a bag," lead organizer Stanislav Voral said. To tidy up black dump site was going well. It included old cans, parts of cars or electronics. Pet bottles and food packaging are more common than other things. "New waste around the roads is more often than illegal dump sites. I think young people did it. They go camp out, and don‘t clean up their waste, " Voral said.

Flooded quarry Zvěřinov, where people like to bathe, is polluted much more than previous years. According to organizers cleaning this places is counterproductive because there is the same situation every year. Despite this problem volunteers cleaned the Zvěřinov quarry again."It is good to help nature. Now we have a cleaner environment around us and we will not die in waste,” volunteer Jitka Kohoutková said.

The local scouts participated in Let’s Clean The Skuteč too. "One of our laws says the scout is a protector of nature and valuable human creations, and we follow this law," scout leader Michael Trojtlar said.

The spring cleaning of the nature around Skuteč was part of the nationwide event Let's Clean Czech Republic. Everyone can join in, just registering on the website.

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