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The new parking system in Brno brings many changes

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People are getting used to new parking rules, there is supposed to be a greater chance of parking in the center

Brno - A new parking system has been available in the center of Brno from September the first. It should be easier to park for example at offices, post offices and shops. From November the first, the new parking system is extended by three other areas of the Brno-center district.

Barbora Nevřivová, who lives in Brno-center, finds new system as a welcome change. ”I think it is certain that the shape of the residential parking system will change in the future, depending on the functionality itself in practice,” she remarks. Anyway, she prefers to use public transport and she thinks that it should be done by all people, because Brno offers developed urban public transport system.

Employees of Brno City Municipality prepared this project last ten years. Visitors do not lose the opportunity to park. In the regulated areas, it is possible to park for free (for 30 or 60 minutes depending on the price band) or to pay a parking space via a parking slot or a mobile application. People can also park in car parking houses, for example.

But according to captain of the traffic police of Directory of Czech Police of the South Moravian Region Ivo Stáňa, people who go to Brno to work in fact have lost the opportunity to park in Brno. ”Staying in parking houses costs hundreds crowns a day. Brno does not have a system of free parking facilities, from which people could be easily transported to the city center,” he explains. Ivo Stáňa also adds, that people from the outskirts of the city lost the chance to arrive by car to work in the center.

New parking is marked with colored stripes. For visitors there is an orange stripe, green stripe for the abonents and a blue stripe for the local residents.

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