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The Faculty of Social Studies supports the Political Science Symposium

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The topic followed-up previous successful years with an analysis of current military and security threats emerging in the Central European region.

Already 13th year traditional conference served gathering of most prominent czech and foreign political scientists came back on 30th March to Faculty of Social Studies. The symposium was a full-day event divided into two parts. The first panel focused on military and security threats arising in the region. The second panel continued with assessment of various policies addressing the previously mentioned issues.

Among guests were prominent specialists such as Member of Parliament Ivan Gabal, the guarantor of Security and Strategic Studies Miroslav Mareš or Lukáš Dyčka, who used to work as a consultant of assistant by Minister of Defence and Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. “The biggest security threat in Czech Republic are people to each other, in case, that we don’t keep our obligations in relation to ally honestly,” explained Gabal.

External guests supported by their participation these conference were for instant austrian expert of European Strategic and Security Policy Günter Hauser or coordinator of projects Konrad Adenauer Stiftung for middle Europe Jakob Wӧllenstein.

This year was successful, organizers have to close registration of attendees a few days before the symposium, because of full capacity. For participants and attendees was prepared refreshments and lunch. Accompanying programme was a credit of  International Institute of Political Science of Masaryk University.

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