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Students reviewed the Selfie coffee in our survey

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A survey about Selfie coffee has been taken among visitors. The results are published in this article.

Selfie Coffee – school café and snack bar – is available for all the students, teachers or guests of the Faculty of social studies. It is a place where many of people spend a part of the day eating and drinking, studying, talking to the others or just having a rest.

The café offers different kinds of products .“Apart from coffee, which is the most popular product, many guests appreciate also a range of baguettes,“ says the manager of the café Lenka Hrbáčová. Our survey taken among the students visiting the café confirmed that baguettes and coffee are really appreciated the most.

However, as the survey showed, some respondents ask for wider product range. “I would appreciate wider range of panini – I don't like very much those ones that Selfie coffee offers, however it is the only choice for take-out,“ said one of the students Miriam Rútová.

The latest improvement of the café is a new offer of the pancakes in sweet or salty form. For the future, the manager promised further improvements. “We are going to extend an offer of soft drinks – there will be small fruit and vegetable juices. We are also going to prepare yoghurts with fresh season fruit.“

Another thing many respondents noticed were the prices in the café. Most of the respondents think the products in the café are too expensive. A Student of the Faculty of social studies Michal Sajben said: “The prices are too high. For example, 20 Czk for a bottle of water is the same price like for that one from a vending machine.“

In the survey most of respondents claimed they find the atmosphere in Selfie coffee pleasant. The stuff in the café was found very nice by most of respondents. ,,I really like the convenience of it being right in the building. It's really nice not to have to go too far away when you're already tired after the day in the library when you just need a snack,“ claimed a student of Psychology Tereza Nejedlá.


 How do you find the Selfie coffee at our school?


Tomáš Erhart

I am a student of the Faculty of Arts and this café is some of the reasons why I visit the library at this faculty rather than at our school. There are just vending machines  for drinks and food at our faculty, while here I can find a great café.


Bára Zajíčková

I am satisfied with the quality of coffee and with the nice stuff as well. It would be fine if they extended the offer of vegan produts. In my opinion, a banana, a puding or a bar can't be a proper lunch.


Martin Tancoš

I don't like the café very much. The offer is much more expensive that it could be. I bought there a cup of coffee only twice and I didn't like it.


Michaela Medveďová

I find the coffee a bit expensive, but it can probably be a problem of all the faculty cafés and snack bars. According to their products, I really like the soups, the big size of the portion was very surprising for me.


Adéla Svobodová

I visit it especially to buy a coffee. According to snacks, I am accustomed to bring some homemade food. However, I like the opportuntity to buy also some alternative, healthy products. I find the stuff nice and their coffee tastes good.



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