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Stay in a new country has taught Anna to appreciate every culture, language and traditions

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Anna is a twenty-year old student from Russia. She was dreaming about studying abroad and her dreams came true. She left her home and has started learning unknown language, meeting new friends and being responsible for herself in a foreign country.


The story of these pleasant and brave girl Anna Sharova began in a small town in Siberia. She went to a primary school there, nevertheless she moved with her family into Moscow. She used to travel long distances because Russia is a large country thus her place of birth and Moscow are about four hours’ distance by plane. When I asked her about the capital city, Anna described that in Moscow is everyone in a hurry. And she compared that this is a big difference between being in Czech Republic and Russia. First day when she arrived to Prague everything was calm and peacefull in comparison with Russia.

She had desired to study in foreign country. She was dreaming about America, Australia, but finally the Czech Republic won. The reasons for moving there was the distance and the Czech language. When Anna first heard local language, she fell in love and wanted to learn more. “It was a sunny day I came to my mother and I let her know that I would like to move to Czech Republic and study there,” says Anna smiling. Her mother and step-father were surprised, but they finally agreed.

Nowadays Anna is spending in Czech Republic about one and a half year. “I have chosen the right country; however, the beginning was difficult,” says Anna. She had to pass special examination about Czech Republic, it was compound from knowledge about geographical, biological and historical field and she was in total confusion of that.  Because of learning Czech Anna spend a year at Czech language school in Prague. Anna appreciates an opportunity to study at these school despite of difficulty in Czech language. She met there lots of friends from different countries and she became acquainted with Czech traditions and culture.

Time was passing and Anna had to choose which university and branch would like to study. “There was a lot of possibilities and I was interested in many fields. My friends recommended me to study in Brno. And now I am grateful for their advice,” adds Anna. She has chosen Masaryk University and Faculty of Social Studies. Surprisingly she decided for Journalism and Environmental Studies. She chose the Journalism, because of Czech language. “I know that it is challenge for Russian girl to study journalism in Czech, but I have tried it and it is possible,” says Anna.  Anna’s complementary branch are Environmental Studies. She picked this one because of her step-father whose is working as an ecologist in his personal foundation.

She was accepted to Faculty of Social Studies and currently lives in Brno with another Russian students and she is satisfied. Gradually gets to know another information about our country and compares Russia and Czech Republic. From her point of view there are certainly differences between countries and people. “Czech people are more optimistic and extrovert than the Russians,” says Anna. Surprise for Anna was that Czech Republic students don’t attend school on Saturdays and a contrast in university system. When we were talking about university differences, Anna explained. “If someone wants to study the university in Russia for example Journalism, then the person will firstly study general subjects such as mathematics, physics and so on and finally subjects focused on his branch.”

While Anna was thinking about living in a new country, she was optimistic. “I mean that differences between culture, religion and language are the right spice for studying abroad,” says Anna, smiling. Sometimes she misses her homeland and her family, but in these wistful times she sings with her flatmates Russian songs and another day is always better. She visit her family twice a year, especially because of holiday. Last summer her parents pleasantly surprised her when they stopped in Brno while travelling to Italy.  

When I asked Anna about her future, she smiled and said, that she would like to travel a lot. Her favourite countries are Finland, United States or Australia. And I believe that dreams of this courageous girl will come true. 

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