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Santa vs Ježíšek - Who has better marketing skills?

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I’m thronging among almost a thousand people and I secretly hope that the truck will come soon. Lots of balloons are flashing around me and little red trucks with Coca Cola inscription in hands of excited children are as far as you can see. It's November 29th, the first advent is just ahead of us, and the Christmas Coca Cola truck with Santa Claus, as it is customary, rides throughout the whole Czech Republic in a big style.

For today, Santa and his group are coming to Mladá Boleslav, where hundreds of children are waiting for him on the parking lot in front of Albert supermarket. There is traffic jam everywhere and who did not know about the event, surely regrets. Cars are driving at a slow pace and therefore, it is better to stay where I am at the moment- at a big Santa happening.

Santa’s main elf and his other friends are making sure children have fun before the truck arrives. The elves are very modern and if somebody wants, there is a possibility to take a photo with them and is given the picture as a souvenir. And if you put the photo on Instagram, you have a chance to win a little red truck. As I can see, a lot of people want to get the truck, because the queue is neverending.

„We will tie our hands together, hands will cut out a big heart for us, we will take it and send it to someone we love,“ say some people around the corner. One Elf curiously asks some little boy, who is following the elf´s instructions very thoroughly: „Who will get your heart?“ The little boy says thoughtlessly: „Nobody.“ Despite the fact, the elf did not expect an answer like that, he does not give up and says: „You must have someone here who you want to send the heart to.“ But the boy replies: „I do not want to.“ Everyone laughs.

Suddenly, something is happening, the whole crowd is running to the warning tape! And here he is, Santa is coming! Upon the arrival of the truck, one elf encouraged children to call Santa´s name. „Santa Clauuuus!“ scream all children. Children´s eyes are shining and the gleam could easily illuminate the whole site. „Ho Ho Ho!“ shouts Santa, as he arrives.

In the blink of an eye, an endless queue is created in front of the stairs to Santa´s room. The elf assures people that everyone will get his turn and there is no reason to push others. Christmas spirit is not very enhanced by the elf comments. Even if the event is well prepared and children have a lot of fun, I can see the fear in some of the parents´ eyes. One mom simply states: „Kačenka, we will get presents from Ježíšek next year.“

The line is at least 30 metres long and stretches all the way to the entrance of the shopping mall. Children go really crazy right at that point. And so do the parents. „I am frozen like a piece of shit,“ says one of the dads but gets immediately reprimanded: „Honza, children are here!“ This is hardly surprising, there is -8 degrees of Celsius and the crowd resembles a herd of Rudolphs with red noses. Everybody keeps impatiently waiting in the queue for the whole evening, just because they want a picture with Santa.

Santa is going to visit about twenty-three cities in the Czech Republic by Christmas, for example Hradec Králové, Opava, Karviná, Vyškov, and Humpolec. And if the Christmas truck is placed in front of supermarket and the shop´s customers show their bills proving they bought four bottles of CocaCola, they will get the little truck for free, and that pays off!

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