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Project NEVYHOŘÍM helps medicine students manage their school stress

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Burnout syndrome affects many students studying medicine. Three young students from Faculty of Medicine in Brno decided to change it.

Brno (var) – According to Zuzana Špačková, one of the founders of this project, especially at the faculty of medicine, studying is associated with big demands on learning. Not everyone can deal with huge amount of curriculum as well as they thought at the beginning and many of students suffer depression during their studies. The project is intended to connect younger and older students of medicine to discuss and solve their problems together.

As a student of the sixth year of medicine Zuzana has been through hard times several times. “We decided to make this project because of the fact that burnout syndrome is really widespread among students of medicine but almost nobody talks about it and actually nobody does anything with it,” says Špačková. Thanks to this she decided to help not only her classmates.

The whole thing is at the very beginning and for now it is not sure how these team buildings will look like. Founders do not want to do some boring meetings. They imagine it more like some pub sessions or collective running. The girls think that this should be a win – win situation. Younger students have lots of questions regarding subjects, how to prepare for tests et cetera. On the other hand, older students need to get back the sparkle and enthusiasm for studying.

Medicine students are already talking about the project among themselves. “I think this is a really good idea. As a younger student I would like to welcome some friends in older lines who would be able to advise me,” says 21-year-old Petra Vaculová from the second year of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University. “With my schoolmate we are always complaining about school struggling and we would be thankful for every opportunity to talk to someone and to know that we are not alone,” explains Vaculová.

Students from other faculties also express their thoughts about this topic. “I like the idea very much. Medicine is known for its high demands on learning. But I think it is not just medical students who have stress or depression. Students from other faculties are also going through this for sure and this kind of association would be beneficial for everyone,” says a student of the Faculty of Economics in Brno Martina Tomanová.

On the website of this project there are information about research from United States, which included over 100 000 students of medicine. Almost third of them showed signs of depression and 11 000 of them even had suicidal thoughts. Also, on the basis of results of this research the girls decided to associate people.

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