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Moving from Italy to Spain to fulfill her dream: a young woman's journey towards a truly sustainable world

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Agnese Bocchieri adds to converting the Spanish island, El Hierro, into an example for the planet. Her life has given a radical change in the last year and she has begun to form part of an innovative idea that pursues the creation of a greener and more sustainable world.

Agnese Bocchieri, a twenty-four-years-old woman from Italy, initially came to live in Spain, in Valencia, for four months. During this short time I was fortunate to meet her. A really kind, feisty and courageous woman. But living outside home is something that the young woman will soon have to get used to because after her Erasmus experience, her home will still be in Spain. She has completed the Master’s degree in Renewable Energies and her dream has always been to be part of an innovated energy project. “I never thought that I would live in Spain already. It is my greatest experience”, she says.

It could be said that Agnese has fulfilled her expectations. Actually she works in El Hierro; the smallest island in the Canary Islands (Spain) where the people try to get all their electricity to be supplied by clean sources.

“My passion for nature began when I was a child. My father and I used to go to my country house every week to enjoy a picnic. Despite the mosquito bites.” says Agnese laughing.

“When they told me that I could work in El Hierro it was amazing. I am part of an exemplary project that gives very positive results”, says Agnese. The girl does not have problems with the language because her mother is Spanish and claims to be able to speak Italian and Spanish at almost the same level. The support of her maternal family in Spain and her good friends born during the Erasmus in Valencia, make the distance between her and her loved ones more enjoyable.

Currently, the workforce totals approximately 200 people and she is working of assembly and installation of the wind farm. "People cannot believe that we work with pieces that exceed 50 tons of weight and are 64 meters high." tells Agnese.

Agnese has been raised in a humble family, she used to live with her working parents and her 17-year-old student sister. She confesses to being very grateful for the professional courses she is taking, because maybe she could not afford them at all. "The workers are constantly learning. They offer compulsory courses per month and other volunteers." says Agnese.

After a hard effort, the island is already capable of producing, on average, 70% of the energy that is consumed in a hundred percent renewable form. "This is a historic landmark that marks the path to the other islands of the world to seek their own resources to be self-sufficient. The road to a truly sustainable world”, Agnese confesses excited.

Other advantages of the project

Looking to the future, she says that the environmental and economic benefits are not the only ones visible in the results of this effort. Although the previous ones are the most obvious, there are also others such as the exploitation of tourism, it is, it has had a positive effect on the image of the island abroad. "Nowadays people know this small territory because of the interest of the media in the project and the green image that exports the island," she says. "In addition to the attraction that represents for all those who work for the renewable and sustainability, that every day are more that join the cause”, she adds.

Nowadays, Agnese can’t imagine living in Italy again. She feels an incredible satisfaction to know that the number of people who choose El Hierro to enjoy their holidays is increasingly because of their respect for the environment, increases the number of international visits too and, the most significant for her, increases the number of students who wish to travel to the island to practice in this project, an experience very similar to her own and she recommends with complete firmness.

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