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Month-long birthday party

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to celebrate your birthday for a whole month? Well, ask Jesus because he somehow manages it. Since 24th November, everybody has been preparing for Christmas - his birthday. On this day Brno has opened Christmas markets at four different places – the Freedom Square, the Dominican Square, the Vegetable Market and the Moravian Square. Each place has its unique atmosphere.


It was Saturday 6 p. m. when I was walking down the main street. Every shop, every corner and even the street itself with the gold lights above me screamed that Christmas was coming and the first snow, which surprised many people on the 1st December, confirmed it even more. Everything suddenly looked much more romantic and smelled like childhood. The trees covered with the white blanket were not so naked anymore and nature looked purer. People were smiling, wrapped in several layers of clothing, and I could hear Christmas carols accompanying me during my whole way to Freedom square.

Commercial Christmas
Christmas market in Freedom Square is the most casual one yet it is the most popular. There were so many people that it seemed impossible to go through them and buy a drink. Finally, I was able to get to the white tent in the shape of a circle. Several people were standing in front of it waiting to get their drinks. It was very cold outside, and I knew that there is the possibility to order the drink inside. So, I gave it a shot and came in. Lucky me. Nobody was inside so I got my drink very quickly. Standing outside and drinking my “Turbomošt” I was eyeballing the 2018's colourful Christmas tree. Suddenly I heard the well-known sound of Šalina warning people it is approaching. I turned my head to the sound and got blinded for a while. An ordinary Šalina was decorated with so many lights that it turned into the very unique Christmas Šalina. It lighted the entire space around up.

Fun in Moravian Square
The road to the Moravian Square is truly magic. One feels the fairy tale. The Christmas lights are all around you and you can see the huge Russian wheel at the end of the street. It makes Christmas market in Moravian square not so usual. There are several white tents and you never know what bumps into you inside. I chose to explore the one with the music. There were no more than twenty people watching the DJ standing behind the laptop. To turn it into a proper party, the light should be dimmed, yet some people were enjoying it a lot. Two girls were dancing in the middle of the tent not caring what people think about them.

Gastronomic Christmas
The third was approaching the Dominican Square I could smell something good. I turned around looking for the origin of the smell. Fish and chips, it was. There were not so many tents but there were many meals ready to be tasted. If you were brave enough the ostrich hot-dog was waiting for you. Also, you can order Asian food which could be seen as a very strange thing since they do not celebrate Jesus’ birthday in Asia. Then there were donuts, sausages, you can also try Mandarin bar, or you can even have Christmas dinner every day because one tent offers carp with potato salad. There is another special thing about the market in the Dominican Square. In front of the City Hall, there is a huge wooden nativity scene with wooden horses and camel you can sit on. Actually, when you are sitting there you feel like one of the three wise men.

Make a wish at Vegetable Market
Vegetable Market is full of small wooden houses – 120 literally. They are arranged in the shape of a circle and when you enter inside you find yourself completely elsewhere. It reminded me of a small village with the smell of wine, cinnamon, lemons and oranges - the smell of Christmas. I was wandering among these small houses, among smiling people with drinks and sweets when my eyes captured a house different from others. It reads “Ježiškova kancelář” (Little Jesus’ Office). A little girl walked towards it and looked at the white paper on a red background. She was too small to reach the pen. Suddenly she lost her smile and turned to a brown-haired man standing nearby. He immediately lifted her into his arms and together they started writing something. One more wish was sent to Jesus. Next to it, four people were standing in the queue. They were waiting for making their own wishes. The first one ringed the bell and made his wish. He was followed by a girl who made her own wish. Then they went away. Well, it was time to make my own wish.

My “tour de Christmas markets” was finally over. I was heading home. The snow was crunching under my boots, the Christmas lights were shining, and someone was singing “All I Want From Christmas Is You”. One might say that it is too soon to celebrate Christmas and it is weird to celebrate a birthday for a whole month. But Christmas is just once per year so why not enjoy this time of year properly? This time when people treat each other nicer, everybody is more willing and more attentive, and we can forget about our worries at least for a while. Well, for that it is never too soon and too much.


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