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Jakub Oulehla: Work should be a hobby

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Our priorities may change over time. 24-year-old Jakub Oulehla recently graduated in industrial design from University of technology in Brno. Now promoted his big hobby on the target of career. Three years ago he made with me and other friends the first beer and now he is planning to set up their own brewery.

Jakub is from Czech city Prostějov. He lives with his parents and two sisters in a three-room apartment. As a kid, he loved the formula and beautiful cars models, which for years collected. This hobby led him to study industrial design. Exccept the posters with racing cars now cover one wall in his room beer trays. "I have more than three thousand trays.  Each tray symbolised a beer that i tasted," explain Jakub, who does even the evaluation table of beers.

Like other students, Jakub earned money on various summer jobs. About four years ago he was harvesting hops. "Here was first thought to made a beer. I met a lot of people who spoke about beer production. I took it as a cool challenge," Jakub said.

The cooking of our first beer was full of compromises. Most of the containers were borrowed. And something we had to make by ourselves. "Just preparing all the things took us a lot of time, we did not know where to buy raw materials, and we missed some things so we had to improvise," Jakub explained.

Jakub's beer met with success. "My family and friends liked the beer very much. I was a little surprised at how good it was," Jakub was amazed. Everyone around him said he had to cook another beer. Jakub did not want to stop cooking. He tried different recipes. Sometimes it happened that some beer was not as good as others. But this happens with home cooking.

Yet he had been rated by close friends and family. But he wanted to compare his beer with others homebrewers. "Right on the first year we managed to place in the better half of the table. From the other we even brought the prize for the third placefor a top fermented lager," Jakub said. This award motivated him to work further. At that time, for the first time, he began to think that he could feed himself on this craft.

Jakub realizes that just good beer for business is not enough. Nowadays, one has to take care of the right marketing. "I started to educate myself in the business sacrifice. I read books, I go to lectures and workshops," he revealed.

It could be said that Jakub's previous study was useless. But he disagrees with that. "There are plenty of things I can use now. I learned how to do graphics and design new things. So I suggest labels, posters, or new elegant solutions to things we need to cook," Jakub said. He is also aware that it is good to know more things at once.

At the beginning of each businessare money. Even Jakub has a vision of how to get the initial capital.

"It occurred to us to organize a crowdfunding to set up a new mini-brewery. It would be a short video about us and our beer. People could send us some money. Then, in return, we would send small things to the contributors," Jakub explained.

Jakub goes on to study as an engineer. His dream is to start business after graduation. "School is still important to me. The title is always appropriate," says Jakub. In a few years we can wait for a new brewery, and place does not matter to Jakub, "I would have my small brewery in Prostějov or possibly in Brno or Olomouc," Jakub ended conversation.


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