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I had to get used to Brno – completely new system of university and homeless in the streets

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Magdalena Čevelová is a lovely twenty-year-old girl who studies at the Faculty of Social Studies in Brno. She comes from the small town of Krnov. Magda is in the third semester and is satisfied here. A year ago she experienced many changes in her life.

I am sitting with Magda in a restaurant with a beautiful view of the center of Brno. We just finished our lunch here. We have known each other for about a year so the interview is relaxed. Magda starts her story telling me why she decided to study in Brno. At high school she was thinking of being a pharmacist or a psychologist. However, her mother influenced her. "Mom gave me advice to study journalism, because she knows how much I like writing stories."

Her father and his girlfriend recommended her Masaryk University in Brno, which attracted Magda because she wanted to become independent. She liked the idea of studying two fields of study. She chose journalism in combination with European studies, because she wanted something based on foreign trade. Magda was deciding between European studies and international relations. "Because I live in Europe and I do not plan to go for example to America I finally decided to specialize only in European states."

Magda also submitted the application to Olomouc for journalism and further to Brno at the Faculty of Economics and Administration. She did not want to study in Prague. She admits that the entrance examinations were difficult. However, Magda has mastered it and was accepted to multiple schools and more disciplines. She knew well what she wanted to study the most – journalism and European studies. Magda, with a smile on her face, remembers the late arrival for enrollment in college: "My first experience in Brno was that I rushed to the faculty according to google maps. I found it just because of a foreign guy from the bus who showed me the right way." Then she learned that it is obligatory to have another language besides English in European studies, something bare new to Magda. So she had to take the German language later.

First she had to solve the housing in Brno. She wanted to try living in college. "Unfortunately, Brno is set up that who clicks first, lives first. That was a big shock for me, because in other cities are prefered those who live far," explains Magda. She wanted to live in college with her friend, but when there was time for choosing a dormitory the internet connection dropped and then most of the places was already taken. Magda ended up without her friend with about 4 people for one room, which is really too much for her. She was definitely not satisfied, so she was still looking for another option. She soon found a great apartment in Brno-Komín, to be shared only with one roommate. Now Magda is travelling to school only 13 minutes by trolleybus, which is perfect for her.

Another problem came with the MU information system, which was extremely confusing for Magda. She had to identify which subjects to enroll and how the entire system with credits works. Faculty of Social Studies was a big change for her. She was accustomed to the fact that all the school had been set up for her at the high school - the schedule has been prepared automatically, whereas in Brno she had to arrange it for herself. Magda also was not used to such anonymity on big lectures. According to her it was common when the teacher interacted with all students.

She also did not know much people in Brno, so nobody talked to her in the streets. But now when Magda returns to Krnov for the weekends, it is almost uncomfortable for her to constantly meet someone in the city because she got used to walk undisturbedly. Another change over Krnov is the number of homeless and beggars in the city.

Before returning to school with Magda, for another lecture, she is telling me what it is like to travel to Krnov to see her family. "The journey takes me 3.5 hours. Fortunately, the trains are now cheap, so I pay only 50 czk for my trip, while before that it was about 150 czk." Magda got used to school in Brno and she likes it, she hopes she will successfully complete a bachelor study and then she is going to continue with master's program.

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