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Heroes clean up an illegal dump in Brno-Židenice

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Supporters of Trash Hero movement picked up more than 300 kilograms of trash in Brno-Židenice. The group cooperated with the city district, which gave them waste bags and waste disposal.

Heroes cleans up an illegal dump in Brno-Židenice

Brno -  The volunteers collected 27 sacks of glass, plastic and mixed waste for two hours on 28th of October. Trash weighed together 308,6 kilograms. The team was cleaning up illegal dump for the second time during the last week in Židenice. For the first time, they were unable to collect all that mess in the small wood next to the railroad.

While people in the Czech Republic were celebrating the 100 years of Czechoslovakia, the small group picked up waste close to Skopalikova street, even though the day was rainy. ‘‘This is a gift to our country to its 100th Birthday,’’ said Eva Kašpárková, one of the organizers.

Even the Trash Heroes were celebrating the 100 years of Czechoslovakia

One of the seven volunteers was Ivana Rakúsová, who decided to clean Brno’s environment for the third time. ‘‘It’s just one part you can do for the planet, the other part is that you can try to minimize waste you are producing. I’m trying to live zero waste,’’ said Ivana.

‘‘We organize clean-up events once a month. But our goal is to organize once a week. Unfortunately, we are missing both organizers and volunteers,’’ said Eva Kašpárková.

There were different kind of trash at the illegal dump

Trash Hero movement tackles waste in the environment, but also at its source. They are trying to engage the whole community to clean their environment and reduce their consumption of throwaway plastic. The organization has a lot of local chapters, in the Czech Republic for example in Prague, Ostrava or Liberec.

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