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Folklore dancers from Poland have started festival ‘Days of Polish culture’

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People can visit the eighth annual festival ‘Days of Polish culture’ in Brno. Polish town Poznaň and Brno celebrate 52 years of their partnership.

Brno – People can learn about Polish culture, history, literature, gastronomy and other this month in Brno. People who are interested in this event can visit it to 30th of April. Organizers of this festival are the Jiří Mahen library in Brno, the Brno and its partner Polish town Poznaň. The festival includes some lectures of Polish language, exhibitions of photographs or projections of interesting movies.

People who organize this festival have done it for eight times. ‘We think Czech people should know Polish culture, because the Poles know about Czech culture a lot of information,’ said co-organizer of the festival Andrea Opršalová. She added that this event is very popular in Brno.

The dancers from folklor group Lodž from Poland started the festival by their dance. ‘Czech culture has a lot of similarities with Polish culture, especially music,’ said deputy mayor Matěj Hollan. He said that Czech people could be inspired by Polish music because this music is so nice.

Students are interested in this festival too. ‘I like the idea of this festival, especially Polish dance. I am going to visit some exhibitions and projections of Polish movies,’ said student Lenka. Among the festival visitors are also the Poles. ‘I am a Pole and I really love Polish culture. Mostly I like to read Polish literature,’ said visitor of opening ceremony Otto Gruška.

The festival tries to bring people beauty of Poland and Polish culture or Polish language. Days of Czech culture will take place in Poznaň this autumn.

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