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Five universities build the symbol of spring in the Freedom Square

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Masaryk University, University of Technology, Mendel University, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences and University of Defense march with long tree which represents symbol of spring. They meet crossroad of Lesnícka street and Drobného street. Ceremony takes place at the Freedom Square



Brno (petra stanova) -  Competition of Majáles started on the April 5th. Every university has representative king and queen. The rules are set up. The pair who win the competition will be nominate as the king and queen of Majáles, the spring-welcoming festival held in Brno. Opening ceremony is called Building the máj, which is the tree which represents youth spring and students.

Every university is marked by one color. Students have to bring colorful ribbons which are afterward tied up on the crown of the tree. These are traditions. Blue represents Masaryk university, red VUT, khaki University of Defense, green Mendelu and white is for University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences. “All of Masaryk university students wear blue hoodies with 3 letters TGM. It means Thomas Garrigue Masaryk,” said the student Oldřiška Hradcová.

Marching ceremony started at the crossroads of streets Lesnícka and Drobného. All of kings and queens have big paper crowns on their heads. Some of them have tied-up flags with logo of university around their shoulders. The rest of them waved with small flags and were holing bottles of beer.

The crowd were screaming and yelling the names of five universities. The people who were passing around they were taking the photos or yelled with them. Tour de Brno with tree on student’s backs finished at the Freedom Square, the centre of Brno.

Mayor of Brno – center Martin Landa were standing near the tower clockwork.  “I am honored to welcome five universities of Brno. It is the time of a year again. The spring is coming and you have to face the biggest competition of Brno universities, Majáles. Lets the best win and enjoy the festival,” said mayor. The crowd thundered.

Building the tree at the square took few minutes. Every student helped. The tree were long 15 meters and weighted tens of kilograms.

Event went smoothly without any difficulties. After building was accomplished students went to streets and they were convincing people to vote them.


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