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Discounts for students make transport companies reinforce mainlines

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40 percent of all Czech Railways’ passengers were students, children, or pensioners in September

Since September, transport companies have started to use more buses and trains on their most important lines. More people are interested in travelling by public transport after a 75 percent discount for children, students and pensioners took place. Forty percent of all passengers used the discount in September, according to the Czech Railways (ČD).

“In September, more than 15.5 million people travelled with us. That is two percent more than last year. Certainly, these numbers reflect the new discounts paid by the government,” said ČD’s assistant director Michal Štěpán. “We decided to reinforce mainlines permanently, such as train lines from Prague to Ostrava region,” Štěpán said.

Regiojet Company, which operates trains and buses, also noticed more people are using their services. “We do not think the discount for students causes it. Our company is growing, and we reinforce our bus and train lines all the time,” said Regiojet’s spokesman Aleš Ondrůj.

“I go to school by train every week and I don’t see there are more people travelling now,” said Lenka Čechová, who is a student of Masaryk University living in Prague. “The discount is financially rewarding for me. Now I can afford to go home more often,” she said.

The Czech government decided on the discount in April. The 75 percent discount can be used by children, students and people who are more than 65 years old. The discount is paid from government budget, which caused protests against the government in spring. People claimed the discount is only a populist gesture made by Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO).

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