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Almost a thousand good deeds are going to be done

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DobroKáva was selling coffee for doing good deeds at the Vegetable Market on October 6th. This event called DobroDen was the day when the summer season of DobroKáva ended. People from Brno could get a cup of coffee and not pay for it with money. The deal was to promise to do a good deed. They could think up their own good deed, or they could open the fortune cookies and do whatever deed was inside.

Brno - A huge amount of people was waiting in a queue in front of a small red carriage where two girls were preparing coffee. Lucia Okániková standing among people waiting for coffee was one of those who was very surprised by the situation which was going on there. She could buy a cup of coffee, but she did not have to pay with money. "They just told me I should think up a good deed I will do for this coffee," she said. She opened the fortune cookie and found there a small piece of paper with the text: Try to think more about recycling. What more can you do in this area? Afterwards, she got her latte.

DobroKáva closed its summer season by holding this event. It was the last day of this year when people could buy coffee for doing a good deed. Except for coffee, the visitors could get lemonade made by Zázračná limonáda or ice-cream from Božský kopeček also for doing a good deed.

Libor Hoření is the person standing behind all of this. He has created DobroKáva because he wants to spread the good in the world. "We have been able to sell almost thousand cups of coffee, bottles of lemonades or scoops of ice cream. That means a thousand good deeds are going to be done soon," he said.

You could find DobroKáva at Vegetable Market from May till October. This year it was the second season of this mobile café. During this time, they have been able to sell 20 thousands cups of coffee for doing good deeds.

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