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Food from the trash? Why not

Food from the trash? Why not

For many people it is something unacceptable, for some vegans and vegetarians it is a common way of providing food. That is dumpster diving.


Alice Šplíchalová | 14. 05. 2018 12:34

One day as a soldier

One day as a soldier

The perfectly peaceful atmosphere of the forest is accompanied by the sounds of airsoft guns and occasional loud shouting. "Shoot someone for god’s sake!!" calls Dave’s fella to him. Together with my friends we decided for the first airsoft game this year in the woods near the village we live in.

Ondřej Vařecha | 14. 05. 2018 18:52

The cheaper, the better. Even satire can be overdone

The cheaper, the better. Even satire can be overdone

The auditorium is darkened, only a small stage is illuminated by a strong shine. The people who came to the Melodka music club in Brno are waiting. They are slowly running out of patience because the singer is still staying backstage. “Záviš! Záviš!” the crowd is chanting the pseudonym of Milan Smrčka, a popular Czech songwriter and poet.

Ondřej Zoubek | 13. 05. 2018 15:31

Little adventures are never enough, think people who attend events called microadventures

Little adventures are never enough, think people who attend events called microadventures

It is the third Sunday of April and I'm going to the Holedná field. There is a group of twenty travellers and nature lovers, who have decided to spend their Sunday evening in the open air. This event is called microadventure and its founder in the Czech Republic is journalism ex-student Jakub Venglář. He found the inspiration in England. 

Veronika Charvátová | 14. 05. 2018 19:39

Easter Market or Taste Market?

It's colorful everywhere; every booth is decorated by its owners. However, it is a crowded place, especially in the food market. While looking around the shops, food samples are almost finished, but the selling products almost remain unchanged.

Yuan Liang | 15. 05. 2018 22:06

Lana del Rey made her fans in Barcelona cry and laugh

One of the very famous and controversial American singers Lana del Rey performed in Barcelona on 19th of April and made everyone, including myself, very emotional. It was her last but one concert of her Lust for life tour so many of her fans from all over the world were excited to see her.

Kristina Křivková | 16. 05. 2018 12:06

Invisible Exhibition: the life of blind people

There live 36 million blind people on the Earth. And this number is still rising. I decided to try to be blind for a while because I think it is the most important to know about life of blind people.

Nikola Salvetová | 15. 05. 2018 22:09

Majáles parade this year: music, colours, laughter and happiness

May is the month of celebrating. All the students celebrate the energy of youth and Brno as the with a lot of universities could not stay behind. The highlight of these celebrations is, of course, the Majáles and the students majáles parade through the streets of the city. 

Rudolf Požár | 14. 05. 2018 12:35

Burning a witches has a long history and Czech republic keeps tradition

April is the month of flowers spring and parades. I decided to  be part in one. Burning witches has a long history. The parade is common in Germany or Scandinavian countries but not in mine. I come from Slovakia and we do not have any type of these feasts. I did not know what to expect and everything was new for me.

Burning a witch

Petra Stanová | 15. 05. 2018 22:04

The other face of the Szechenyi Baths

It's Saturday night on April 21st. The subway car that leads to the Szechenyi baths, in the heart of the Hungarian capital, is full of young people wanting to have fun and enjoy the night. Normally, people associate thermal baths with a quiet place to relax and forget about their worries for a few hours. And although fun is still the main attraction, this time people do not come precisely to relax.

Amaloha Martin Rodriguez | 15. 05. 2018 22:08

First of May shows how the revolution dies

First of May shows how the revolution dies

Park at the Moravian Square looks emptier than as usual. And also much older – as far as its visitors are concerned. One short look into the calendar and all surrounding sickles and hammers are explanations by itself. It´s the first of May – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia is celebrating International Labour Day.

Jiří Král | 17. 05. 2018 00:37