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Ostrava is lighting up a Christmas tree

The centre of Ostrava is again full of people. It might be unpleasant elsewhere, but I feel very happy now and here. I am walking through the crowded Masaryk square in Ostrava, which is empty in the other seasons of the year. For many years, Ostrava has been struggling with the problem of having its centre depopulated – people spend time in malls rather than going to the city centre. So, what has attracted so many people to the centre? In a few tens of minutes, a Christmas tree will be lit up.

Richard Kuczinský | 14. 12. 2017 23:02

Alena Macková presents book about role of new media in political communication

Presentation of the new book follows a discussion of five experts on sociology and political science

Richard Kuczinský | 12. 11. 2017 21:43

People in Brno are so diverse, says student from Slovakia

People in Brno are so diverse, says student from Slovakia

Kristian Xavér Kirnág is a Slovak student of journalism and Economic Policy at Masaryk University. He has decided to study in the Czech Republic because the quality of Czech universities is better compared to Slovak ones. He has been living in Brno for one year and he's absolutely contented. He has everything what he needs for his life here.

Richard Kuczinský | 20. 10. 2017 18:30